I cannot believe I leave TOMORROW! Part of me feels like the time leading up to leaving has flown by and part of me feels like I’ve been thinking about this trip forever. Either way, I’m about 75% packed and ready to leave for my summer in Europe!

To be honest though, leaving is a little bittersweet. Whenever I told anyone I was moving to Chicago, they’d all have the same reaction, “you know it’s cold, right!?” But for anyone that knows the city, it would immediately be followed up with, “but the summers are incredible.”

We’ve been having beautiful weather, which makes me sad to think about missing time on the lake, walks around the city and all of the street festivals. I actually really struggled with this while I was waiting to hear back if I was accepted to the program. My friend Mikela finally had to stop me and say “Emily, if you end up not going, you have your first summer in Chicago. If you do end up going, you have a summer in Europe. You’re really in a win-win situation here.” What can I say, I have incredible friends who seem to know exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it!

I’ve taken full advantage of the nice weather this weekend and tried soaking in as much of summer-in-Chicago as I can. I went to a Cubs game with my friend Maureen, enjoyed a wonderful patio dinner with Mikela, Dave and their family (thanks for letting me join you guys!), met up with my Aunt Barbara, Aunt Ann and cousin Kaitlyn for pedicures and lunch, saw my Grandpa, had lunch with all four of my aunts and enjoyed a walk on the lake. Fingers crossed the weather is still nice when I get back mid-September!

Cubs 1

Look at these awesome seats. And they won!

Cubs 2

I was trying REALLY hard to convince Mo to come meet me this summer. TBD if I succeeded. Also, please excuse the hair. It rained on us multiple times and I’ve yet to figure out this whole humidity thing.


One of the perks of living in Chicago – I get to see my Grandpa more often!


Never get tired of this view.

Turns out packing for 3½ months is not easy. My mom helped me choose which clothes to bring when she was here two weeks ago, but when it comes down to it, you start questioning if you need more. I keep telling myself no, no I don’t, but it’s so hard!!


I’m sure I’ll be really sick of these clothes by the end of the summer.

I don’t exactly know what to expect when I land in Croatia. I’ve been emailing with my roommate and a few other girls who are on my flight from Newark. We’re planning on meeting for a drink before we takeoff and it will be nice having other people land with me so I’m not totally by myself when I get there. But beyond that, I’ll just have to wait and see what Croatia and The Remote Experience brings!


7 thoughts on “Tomorrow!

  1. so exciting!! have fun, be safe, have fun. (I may have written that sentence at the end of an earlier post.) and yes to picking up clothes “over there.” keep writing.


  2. a few random thoughts : 1. your ” humidity” hair looked great. Go with it. 2. Packing light is the bomb. If you need more,Buy it when needed. donate extras along the way. 3. so cool you had good family this weekend. 4. Thanks for inviting me to this blog. 5. So glad you have availed yourself of this opportunity. 6. PROUD.


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