A 35-Hour Day

I made it to Split!


Not a bad place to call home.

Luckily, I had no issues getting here – always a nice surprise to have no travel problems. I woke up at 5:00am Tuesday morning as I had to do some last minute prep of my apartment for my sublettor and based on the horror stories of security lines recently, I didn’t want to risk anything. But I sailed through security, enjoyed a nice breakfast and got some work done before my flight.

Prior to leaving, I had been emailing with a few girls from the program who were also departing from Newark. We all met up for a drink and all three of them were incredible! Made me even more excited, not just meeting other participants but enjoying them so much.

Nothing happened on my flight to Stockholm…including sleeping. It was a long 8 hours. But Scandinavian Air definitely knows how to choose movies to watch, so I was at least entertained. I watched How To Be Single, laughing out loud multiple times. A few hours later, I glanced over and my elderly, Swedish neighbor had obviously seen that I was enjoying my movie and turned on the same one. He only lasted 10 minutes; I don’t think he was a fan.


It was beautiful flying into Sweden. Makes me want to visit a Nordic country in the summer.

We had a three-hour layover in Stockholm, which wasn’t bad at all since there were three of us. And the Stockholm airport is understandably gorgeous since everything in Scandinavia is so well designed. A minor, self-inflicted issue on our flight to Split: on the announcements, I heard they were serving a chicken and rice dish, which I was so excited about as I was starving. The entire 2½ hour flight, I was waiting patiently, and then not so patiently, for my lunch. Turns out that was only served in business class. Guess I’ll enjoy my Kind bar instead, thanks Scandinavian Air. Womp, womp.

If you ever want an easy customs experience, fly into Split. We were through in 75 seconds and our bags were out shortly after. The two owners of The Remote Experience met us at the door and we were on our way to our apartments!

My roommate, Kristine, is incredible, I really lucked out! Our apartment is very cute – feels European but is rather spacious. And luckily, the bathroom is of decent size. I’ll take some pictures of the apartment shortly.

Our group met downtown to get our phone situation figured out then headed back to our apartments for a quick shower before meeting up again. On our walk home, Croatia baptized us with a torrential downpour.


We tried waiting it out.


But there was no way.

Our program organized a local ambassador for us in each country, which I think will be a nice addition. We met Ante on the Riva, the beachfront downtown, and he took us on a tour of Dioclecian’s Palace and Old Town.



Dioclecian’s Palace was built in 300 AD and is one of the oldest, continually inhabited buildings in the world. They have simply built stores and apartments into the old walls.


Game of Thrones has filmed several scenes here, including where Khaleesi keeps her dragons.


I don’t watch the show, but I see why they’d use it.

We’re a group of 11 at the moment – 9 participants + the 2 founders. We have 1 or 2 more people joining us this weekend and 4 or 5 additional participants coming in July. I actually really like the size; we can all hang out and do things together without trying to wrangle 30+ people together.

We followed our tour with a dinner overlooking an open air section of the palace, listening to a man sing American songs – quite nice actually. The food was delicious but we were all zombies. Finally got back home at 11:00pm, 35 hours after my day started. And continued to sleep for 11 hours.


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