The Farmer’s Market

Friday morning before work, we started exploring Split. Ante, our local ambassador, told us about a farmer’s market right behind Diocletian’s Palace. There were probably 100+ vendors, selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, flowers, dried fruits, nuts, baked goods and local products. It ranged from large stands selling tons of different kinds of fruits to little, old women selling a handful of cherries, a small mound of spinach and a few tomatoes from their farm just outside of Split. All of the vendors talk and laugh to each other over their stands so you get the impression this is as much social as it is to make money.


Kristine and I on our way to the farmer’s market



Catherine paying 7 kuna for arugula, a tomato and cucumber, which is a whopping $1.08.



Kristine checking out the local produce





You pay based on weight, which they determine with an old-school scale and small weights. And enjoying half of the Croatian diet of cigarettes and beer.



Catherine, Kristine and I ate lunch at a restaurant tucked into Diocletian’s Palace and enjoyed a cappuccino on the Riva overlooking the ocean before heading into work. I have to say, I rather like this working arrangement. We have a full day of activities or exploring before starting to work. And since Europeans tend to eat late anyways, we’re not too far off schedule when we finish working. Then we can still enjoy the evening before going to bed. It kind of feels like 2-days-in-1.


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