Croatian Rendez-Vous

Katelyn and Chet, my friends from South Carolina, happened to be in Croatia last week and were flying out of Split on Sunday morning. Despite getting into the city at 8pm and having to leave for the airport at 4am, they were willing to forgo sleep to meet me for dinner.


It’s an ongoing joke that Katelyn and I are unable to take a good picture together. We finally got one, and even better, Chet is in it with us!

It was kind of surreal seeing them in Croatia. We’ve never actually lived in the same place, so it’s not unusual for us to meet up for dinner in different locations, but the fact that we both happened to be in Croatia at the same time was perfectly coincidental.



While Katelyn and Chet were on the ferry over from Hvar, they texted me that I should choose a good restaurant. Since we had yet to have a good meal in Split, I told them not to get their hopes up. Katelyn let me know that every meal they had here was delicious, completely disproving our theory that Croatian food just wasn’t very good, and said they couldn’t end their trip with a disappointing meal. No pressure!

But they quickly clued me in to their secret: get a glass of wine and an app at a restaurant, use their WiFi to read reviews of other restaurants and make your choice based on what you find. It worked wonders! Their AirBnB host had told them about two good restaurants, both of which had no availability. So we grabbed a bottle of wine and a cheese board at an outdoor table across from one of them and started researching other options. While we were there, Katelyn went up to ask about an empty table with a reserved sign. Although that party did come, the hostess came over and got us when a table miraculously freed up and we walked across the alley to snag it. And I now know why the restaurant was full. It was delicious!

I enjoyed a perfectly cooked steak and Katelyn and Chet had a few seafood options. It was really, really fresh.


We had the best time and it was so wonderful seeing them while we crossed paths!

After informing the group that good Croatian food does actually exist, we have decided we’re no longer going to a restaurant unless we look up reviews first. It’s been a little difficult because we’re typically a larger group. But even if we have to split up into two tables, it’s worth it to get a good meal rather than the sub-par, tourist restaurants we have been frequenting.

And I’m happy to report, I had my second good Croatian meal Sunday night.



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