Home Sweet Home (for June)

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from our apartment in Split. My dorm in Prague was (way) less than ideal.


My parents told me to ‘suck it up’ when I told them about my dorm. Once they saw it, along with the barbed wire to stop anyone from wondering in from the bar, they quickly understood.


Showering was really fun. Especially when they turned off our hot water for a week.

However, the apartments my mom and I stayed in during out trip to Italy last summer were very pleasant.


Our farmhouse in Montepulciano.



The cutest B&B in Modena.


Our apartment in Florence.

I was really hoping this time around would lean towards the latter. And luckily, it did.

The apartment is actually quite spacious, very comfortable, well stocked and has a ton of natural light. There’s one ‘master’ room and one ‘kids’ room, which seems to be a theme across all apartments here. I let Kristine have the bigger room and settled into my twin bed. Although I must say, my kid’s room is far better than some of the others in our group; one girl has a large bear painted on her wall, watching her sleep every night and another has some very creepy nursery wallpaper.

The best part? We have a washing machine!






I love the windows in Europe. I’m not sure why the US hasn’t adopted them but you can crack them at the top or fully open them. They’ll be included in my future dream house.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (for June)

  1. I love reading these posts, Emily! I’m so glad you decided to “share” your experience! Your apartment looks really nice!

    Have fun and stay safe!


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