Croatian Kayaking

I’ve never been kayaking before (scratch that, I went from one house to a neighboring house once in Montana – just call me an expert)

Kayaking 4

When I saw a kayaking tour in Split, I decided to try it out. We met on the Riva and took a van up to Bene Beach. As I was waiting, I saw a couple with water shoes, rash guards and hats with neck flaps. I immediately pegged them as my fellow kayakers. Immediately followed by an “I’m not dressed appropriately” thought.

Kayaking 1

Our meeting point.

My new kayaking friends were from outside of Toronto, in Croatia celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary along with both of their 60th birthdays. They have two daughters, aged 24 and 27. Although they got married young, they waited to have children for 8 years. The wife homeschooled the girls and apparently they are both brilliant. Why do I know all of this, you ask? Because the wife talked non-stop. However, she was incredibly nice so it was rather interesting getting to know their life story.

The husband, on the other hand, hardly talked. No, not to compensate for his wife, but because he got horribly seasick. They actually had to leave half way through and walk back to town. Our poor guide then had to trail their double kayak behind hers.

Kayaking 7

The abandoned kayak.

Although I must admit, it was really peaceful and relaxing paddling back in silence, enjoying the beautiful Adriatic, glistening in the sun.

Kayaking 5

Kayaking 6

Kayaking 8

I’m so graceful getting out.

Kayaking 3

We stopped in Vila Dalmacija’s cove. That’s President Tito’s summer house. Quite the view!

Kayaking 2



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