M and Em Do Central Europe, Round 2

In t-minus 80 days, Mikela is coming to visit! We’re meeting in Krakow then going down to Prague for a few days. Mikela actually came to visit me in Prague when we studied abroad. Except that my version of “showing her the city” included taking her to the street cart to get a chicken sandwich and showing her all of the best places to get cheap beer.

Em and M 1

Mikela has set the hosting bar high – after my first visit to see her in Chicago, I started thinking about moving there. Three visits later, I had an apartment rented and a one-way ticket booked.

Em and M 2

Even though it’s been ten months of living a mile and a half apart, it still feels surreal every time we text 30 minutes before the end of work to meet for dinner. Or meet up for drinks on a Saturday night. Or go on a 7-mile walk on a Sunday morning. Needless to say, I’ve missed seeing her multiple times a week.

So here’s to a central-European adventure. Where we enjoy constant talking, endless laughter and a few glasses of wine.

Em and M 3


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