Rafting the Cetina

The Remote Experience sponsors two events a month. And if Croatia’s events are any indication of the rest, we’re in for some really great group activities. Last weekend we rafted down the Cetina River (shocking, I know, based on the title of this post).

We met on the Riva and our tour guide, Toni, drove us to the launch point. Fun fact: Toni was an extra in a few episodes of Game of Thrones. He was part of the army and filmed 30+ days in full costume in Split.

Rafting 5

See him it the sunglasses in the middle? Let me know if you ever spot him in an episode.

It was overcast, slightly drizzling and (almost) chilly, but luckily they outfitted us with wet suits, wet suit jackets (didn’t even know those were a thing), booties, life vests and helmets.


We were looking stylish!

I’ve rafted once before down the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colorado and we were all on one big raft with the guide doing all of the steering.

Rafting 1

Croatia does things differently. We used 3-person rafts and were responsible for steering, propelling and guiding ourselves through the rapids. As it turns out, Kristine and I were in Toni’s raft, so I was actually feeling ok about things. Except after the first few “rapids”, I realized this wasn’t exactly Colorado whitewater rafting, where the river is fueled by massive amounts of snowmelt barreling down a mountain.

Rafting 2

Colorado whitewater rafting

Rafting 4

Croatia whitewater rafting

Nevertheless, it was really fun and absolutely gorgeous. I kept looking around at the mountains and thinking, “I’m in CROATIA doing this! I’m so incredibly lucky!”

Rafting 6

Camille made a GoPro video if you’d like to view it here.

After we made it down the river, Toni drove us about 20 minutes up into the mountains where we ate lunch with one of the top five best views I’ve ever seen.

Rafting 11

That’s the Cetina River, along with the town of Omiš and the Adriatic Sea in the background.

One of the local villagers made us sapornik, my new favorite Croatian food. It was two GIANT pieces of pastry stuffed with spinach, onions and garlic, cooked in a wood stove. He also served us homemade wine, which might also be my new favorite Croatian wine.

Rafting 16

And now here’s an overload of pictures of our view because I’m still dreaming of it.

Rafting 7Rafting 13Rafting 12Rafting 15Rafting 17Rafting 8


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