We’ve definitely been staying active in Croatia. I just looked at my FitBit and I’ve walked 124,000 steps the last seven days. Besides walking all over the city, rafting, kayaking and running, I’ve now added yoga to my Cro-Active lifestyle.

Yoga 1

Yoga with a view.

Neno, one of the Croatian’s in our co-working space, put us in contact with his local yogi, Jenny. Last Monday, we all met at a park overlooking the ocean and she took us through a Japanese yoga session.

Yoga 2

I’ve taken quite a few yoga classes over the years and have never really loved it. If I’m completely honest, I basically suffer through the 55-minutes just to get to the 5-minute Shavasana at the end, where you get to lay there with your eyes closed.

But I really enjoyed Jenny’s session. First of all, I wasn’t gushing sweat in a 105-degree room. Secondly, every time I started getting slightly bored, I’d look out over the ocean and couldn’t help but feel zenned out by my surroundings.

Although I liked the hour of warrior posing, the best part was still the Shavasana. But this one was more like 10-minutes and Jenny and her friend Ante played the flute and wind chimes. American yoga – 0, Croatian yoga – 1.

Yoga 4

My mom made fun of me because I’m the only one not standing like a yogi.

Yoga 5

But that’s because I’m a gymnast at heart (please notice the pointed toe).


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