“Hiking” Marjan

It’s no secret that I love Marjan. Besides the Riva, it’s my most frequented spot in Split. From most places in the city, you can see the Croatian flag flying proudly at the top of Marjan Hill.

Marjan 7

Jillian, Sarah, Michelle and I set out to hike to the top and check it out. We were ready for a strenuous morning of hiking and walked over to the park. 25 minutes later, we were “summiting”. Our hike turned out to be more of a stroll up a paved incline with a few stairs mixed in. For those in Riverside, think Mount Rubidoux, but smaller.

Marjan 2

“And though Marjan Hill be but little, [the view] is fierce”

IMG_0426Marjan 4Marjan 6Marjan 5Marjan 1Marjan 3Marjan 8

Marjan 10

We saw this car on our way back. Driving around Split in style.

Marjan 9

This was through a gate, also on the way back down. Just loved it!


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