Sailing Into The Sunset

Saturday we had our second sponsored activity – sailing on a catamaran to Hvar. We’ve been talking about it all month and had high expectations. And I think it’s safe to say that the entire day surpassed everyone’s expectations. If anyone is coming to Split, I’d highly recommend doing the tour.

PSA: Camille took a lot of really fun, candid pictures, so this post will be picture overload.

We met on the Riva at 9:30am and walked to the ports to board our catamaran. Since we were by far the largest group, we snagged the front left side (ahem, the port bow) of the ship. We sailed under the bright sunshine for two hours, enjoying the open bar, prosciutto sandwiches and chicken salad, until we came to our first swimming spot.

I hadn’t really thought about what a “swimming hole” meant, but this was beyond what I imagined. We anchored in the most pristine, clear blue water and spent the next hour and a half jumping and flipping off the boat, floating and swimming around and lounging on hammocks over the water. There’s enough salt in the Adriatic that if you lay back, you completely float. That, along with the temperature and color of the water, has convinced me that the Adriatic > Pacific.

Most of you know that I was a longtime gymnast. I often get asked if I can still do anything. In my head, I can still do layout stepouts and aerials on beam, no problem. In actuality, I have no idea what I’m still capable of. I can now tell you, however, I am fully capable of doing front and back tucks off a catamaran. I was in ex-gymnast heaven!

I was a little bummed when the captain sounded the horn and I had to stop flipping off the side. However, our next stop was Hvar, so it was an ok trade.

Hvar Island itself is rather large. Although the port town of Hvar is quite small. A few people from our group went to grab lunch and the others went to the beach, but I decided to explore. The first side street I ventured down turned out to be residential and it popped me out on the road up to the fort. It was brutally hot so I was about to turn around and find my friends when I heard people speaking English. I joined up with some recent graduates from Canada and enjoyed hiking up to the fort and wondering around town with them for the next few hours.

After we were back on the boat, thankfully cooling off with the ocean breeze, we headed to our second swimming hole off the island of Brač. The water here was much shallower, even warmer and sparkling in the setting sun.

Returning home to Split was as picturesque as it comes – sun setting on the left, casting long shadows on the boat, relaxing with friends, tired from a day spent in the sunshine and sea.

We disembarked at 8:00pm and headed to a café to watch Croatia play Spain in the Euro Cup. They had a major upset, scoring their second goal right at the end. You could hear the entire city cheer. The win actually made The Press Enterprise in Riverside!

We’re almost done with our time in Split, which is rather hard to believe. But I think this sailing trip has been the highlight. I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday.


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