A Month of Waiting

We had a restaurant recommendation on our first full day in Split to eat at Villa Spiza. As a group, we walked over for lunch from our co-working space. We were propelled down an alley in Old Town by the delicious smells coming from a restaurant halfway down. We walked up, looked in, and disappointedly saw it was tiny inside…and had a long line waiting outside.

We dejectedly wandered around to find another lunch spot and we all vowed we’d go back. Well, different (smaller) groups of us have tried throughout the month and none of us succeeded. We continued to get recommendations from our yoga instructor, TripAdvisor and Kristine’s local date. It must be the best restaurant in all the land!

Today, on our second to last full day in Split, Michelle, Jillian, Sarah and I FINALLY tasted the wonders of Villa Spiza! And it was everything we had hoped for and more.

After browsing the local ethnographic museum, we were sitting on the Riva, enjoying a coffee, wondering where to go for lunch. We had the brilliant idea to check out Villa Spiza, just to see what the wait looked like. All of the tables were full, but we were the only ones waiting so we decided to go for it.

Villa Spiza 5

Villa Spiza 6

The menu changes daily based on what they have and what’s in season. Hence the handwritten ‘menu du jour’. (French sounds a whole lot nicer than the Croatian translation: dnevni jelovnik)

After 20 minutes of waiting, one of the employees came out to offer us a drink. We asked if she knew Jenny (our yoga instructor) and we instantly had a connection. Another 15 minutes later, we were happily seated and chatting with the other two women cooking – who were also Jenny’s friends.

Jillian and I shared stuffed peppers and roasted eggplant and oh. my. gosh. They were both outstanding. My mom makes a mean stuffed red pepper but this one literally melted in your mouth (bet you didn’t know ground meat and rice could do that) This was hands down the best Dalmatian cuisine we’ve had. And it was cheap, with a good ambience and wonderful waiters/chefs. It was worth the wait!

Villa Spiza 2

Villa Spiza 4Villa Spiza 1

Villa Spiza 3


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