Krka National Park

When it comes to natural, Croatian beauty, most people think of the country’s picture-perfect coastline and dozens of islands. Turns out, inland is equally as beautiful.

There are two main waterfalls in the country: Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park. While both are national parks, Plitvice is definitely the more famous of the two. However, Krka is about an hour and half from Split while Plitvice is closer to four hours. So when we started talking about a visit, Krka quickly won.

We booked an all day tour and headed out one Saturday. We met at the Gregory of Nin statue (for some reason, a 20-foot tall wizard overlooks Diocletian’s palace) and soon realized we’d be going with a large group. They herded us to a bus stop a half-mile away and we settled in for an hour and a half ride.

The tour we chose touted “a ferry ride to the waterfalls.” Tourist trap! It was slow, crowded and had almost no view. Except of a group of baby swans cygnets (thanks Google)

Krka 1

When we got off, we were all funneled through the ticket office, paid to go to the bathroom and wandered through some tourist-tchotchke stalls. The path opened up on the falls, which were gorgeous.

Krka 14

But everyone was standing on a small bridge, trying to take the same picture. Suffice it to say, I was not overly impressed with the crowds nor was I sure what we’d do for the next 5 hours.

Krka 2

But then the crowd starting dispersing and Rachel and I joined our tour guide for a guided walk around the national park and things turned around. Of the 70 people on our tour, only Rachel, myself, and a couple from Palm Springs of all places, walked around with the guide. It was interesting to hear more about the park, about Croatia itself and see all of the different viewpoints of the falls. While being right at the base of the falls is impressive, seeing it from up above was stunning.

Krka 3

Krka 5

Krka 12

Krka 13

Krka 10

Krka 9

Krka 7

Krka 8

Krka 6

Krka 4

After our walk, we took a dip in the “pool” at the bottom of waterfalls. It was freezing, crowded, hard to move around because the rocks were so sharp and the undercurrent was STRONG. But once you made it to the buoys, it was actually quite nice.


We probably didn’t need to spend a full day here, but the scenery was pretty incredible.


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