Doviđenja Split, Ciao Torino

I’m clearly a little behind with my blog, but we made it to Turin, Italy (scratch that, Torino, Italy – trying to be a local!)

We left Split last Saturday morning, July 2. Told you I was behind.

Italy 10

One last look over the harbor, right before we boarded the mini-bus to the airport.

I had very mixed feelings – I loved our time in Croatia and really fell in love with Split, but I couldn’t wait to get back to Italy after having such a wonderful two weeks here with my mom last year.

Italy 11I forgot to take a picture when I left the US, so here’s a delayed version. 

We got to the airport early for our flight, which turned out to be lucky. I don’t think the Split airport has caught up with the influx of tourists – their check-in process was atrocious, security took forever and the terminal was packed with people. But it was an easy 1-hour flight to Milan and we were met by a personal bus to take us to Torino.

Italy 13

Is it even a trip to Italy if you don’t eat gelato?

After quickly unpacking, a refreshing shower and a hasty lunch, we all met at the co-working space, Spazio19, where we met a lot of our local “coworkers” as well as our local ambassador, Chiara.

Everyone was so nice! Chiara put together a wonderful presentation about Torino – the history, highlights of what to see, where to eat and local tips. I immediately felt like one month won’t be enough time to see and do everything!

Our new “coworkers” brought some snacks and made us espresso (gosh, I love Italian coffee) as we chatted with everyone, getting to know each other. We then headed out with Chiara for a walking tour of the city. It took me a week or so to warm up to Split; I fell immediately in love with Torino. With it’s portico walkways, large squares piazze and endless palaces palazzi, I was quickly reminded why I adore Italy so much.

Italy 3Italy 4Italy 1Italy 5

Italy 2Italy 12

Chiara introduced us to apericena – happy hour on steroids. Essentially, you buy a drink and get an endless, delicious Italian buffet for free. Think prosciutto, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bruschetta, pasta and roasted veggies. She showed us to a cute, amazing place in her neighborhood, San Salvario (according to Sarah and Jillian, a lot like the East Village in NYC)

Italy 8

My face shows how excited I am to be in Italy!

Italy 6

Finally tried an aperol spritz, which my mom and I saw everywhere last year. It was good, but really sweet, which shouldn’t be surprising given it’s neon orange color. 

A few of us took Chiara up on her invitation to watch the Italy-Germany game with her and some of her friends and neighbors. They had the game projected onto a wall in the courtyard of their apartment building.

Italy 7

Sarah captured everyone’s reaction when Italy scored, bringing the score up to 2-1. Unfortunately, they lost during penalty kicks.

Definitely a pinch-me moment! We were in Italy less than 24-hours and we were watching a huge game with a group of locals, having the best time. Chiara and all of her friends were so nice – made us feel very welcome and I loved getting to know them all. They also work at such cool companies: Ferrero (makers of Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder and Tic Tac to name a few) and Fiat.

I can already tell this is going to be a wonderful month.


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