Home Sweet Home (for July)

I’m living with Kristine again in Torino and we have another great apartment, although a totally different feel than in Split.

apartment 10

A quick side story: We chatted fairly regularly with our landlady, Andelka, in Split because of some ongoing shower and sink drainage issues. She came over a few times to take a look and one Saturday morning, spent about an hour talking with us while her husband worked on the shower. She was so friendly and easy to talk to. She and her husband are about 40 and got married 3 years ago. It was really fun hearing about certain aspects of their life here in Split and their relationship. Interesting how some things can be so drastically different when you’re across the world, but other things like relationships and friendships can have so many similarities.

Anyway, she wanted to come say goodbye to us before we left. We were having a “goodbye Split” party at our apartment so they joined us for cake and a glass of wine. Everyone couldn’t believe how cool she was! She also gave both Kristine and I an adorable Split keychain. If you or anyone you know is coming to Split, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the best AirBnB host you can find!

Back to Torino . . . we met our landlords to show us around the apartment and they’re 18 and 20-year-old brothers who just got the apartment from their grandmother a month ago. We’re only their third tenants and you could see their pride and excitement in showing us the place.

So here’s a quick tour of our Italian home.

apartment 14

Entrance into our courtyard. Everything is so much more elegant in Italy! Except for the bars on the left and the graffiti on the right – those are about the same.

apartment 11apartment 12apartment 7FullSizeRender (1)

The younger of the brothers was so proud of the gifts he left us on the table! I was too – a nice touch for a couple of young guys.

apartment 2aprtment 1apartment 3apartment 5

Our neighborhood courtyard.

aparmtnet 9

Our old-fashioned door and key.

apartment 13

And I love the mailboxes!


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