George, Did You Stand Us Up!?

Less than 24 hours after arriving in Torino, I was already leaving. But I was heading to Lake Como, so it was ok.

Jillian, Michelle, Sarah and I have been talking about our Lake Como trip since one of the first weeks in Split. Sarah agreed to drive us and Jillian did mass amounts of research to find us the perfect place to stay . . . that wasn’t $1200 a night. Looking at you, Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

After my mom and my less-than-stellar rental car experience last year, I was a little nervous about picking up a car. But they luckily gave the four American girls an automatic and we were on our way with no problem.

We stayed in Gravedona, at the very top of Lake Como, so we drove up the “left leg” enjoying the gorgeous views of the lake. We stopped in Tremezzo for a lovely lunch lakeside and to explore the Villa Carlotta and adjoining gardens.

Como 2Como 1Como 3Como 7Como 4Como 11Como 12Como 9Como 5

We continued our drive north and got to Hotel Regina with plenty of time to enjoy their “backyard”, relaxing on lawn chairs with Prosecco in hand.

Como 16Como 14Como 13

My contribution to the trip was finding a good restaurant. There aren’t a ton of options in Gravedona, but my research didn’t let us down. We ate at Cantina Bottega, a locally sourced, organic, small restaurant who changes their menu daily based on what was fresh that day. We all chose the tagliatelle and scraped our bowls.

Como 17

Como 18COmo 19

The next day we enjoyed our first full breakfast of our European summer – Hotel Regina provided an incredible breakfast buffet, not just the sweet pastries all Europeans seem to eat. We didn’t rush to leave, instead enjoying the pool and lake for a few more hours.

Como 22Como 28Como 21

We then drove down to Cadenabbia and took the ferry over to Bellagio. While I loved the bright houses and the small streets, it was packed. And hot. And surprise, we were all sweating again. I have literally never sweat so much in my life as I have the past month and a half. I severely underestimated European summers.

Como 24Como 25Como 27Como 29

I had read about a café at the top of Bellagio that gets you away from the crowds and overlooks the other side of the lake (the “right leg” if you will). We beelined it for the café after lunch and enjoyed a nice breeze, gorgeous view and cold shakerado.

After a quick ferry ride back, we drove home to Torino. I would highly recommend Lake Como – it’s more beautiful than you can image, pictures don’t do it justice. I personally preferred Gravedona, which felt like a small Italian getaway rather than a major tourist destination.

Sadly, George never showed up to whisk us away on his yacht. Next time!


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