Paddling Down the River Po

One of Chiara’s friends, who we met at the soccer game our first night, rents out sporting equipment. She coordinated a morning for us to rent SUP boards from him. Despite the water looking disgusting, it was such a pleasant morning, paddling along the River Po.IMG_2892

Sarah, Jake and I went out for about two hours, paddling up the river for several bridges before turning back around.


We were repeatedly told to only paddle on the right side of the river, and that you are responsible for avoiding rowers. Turned out to be good advice as there is apparently a very active crewing community in Torino.


I have only gone paddle boarding one other time, in Laguna Beach with Danielle. We fell off of our boards numerous times and although we laughed hysterically, it was also a little creepy and I would clamber back onto the board as quickly as possible to avoid fish/sharks/sea-urchins from touching my legs.

Luckily, there are no waves here on the River Po. There is, however, an insane amount of algae and other plants growing in the water. I really really really didn’t want to fall in. Happy to report, we all succeeded and stayed on our boards!



One thought on “Paddling Down the River Po

  1. Haha good job getting back out on the paddleboard! We may have to go on your next Denver visit if it’s still available at the res!


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