Grazie Mille Chiara!

I cannot even begin to say how lucky we are that Michelle found Chiara! Our time in Italy wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable or enjoyable without her friendship and guidance.

She introduced us to Torino, giving us a history of the city and outlining what we needed to see during our time here. She organized incredible excursions, taking us to the Langhe Valley for a day of wine and food and to the Italian Alps for an unforgettable day of biking through the mountains. But more than that, she became an instant friend, sharing her life with us, making us feel like a real Italian living in Torino.

She went so far beyond just a tour guide. She took us to her favorite restaurants and cafés, showing us hidden gems in this beautiful city. Invited us over to her apartment and introduced us to her friends, all of whom are equally as welcoming and friendly, treating us like we’ve known each other for years. Answered constant texts from all of us as we asked for translation help, wondered where to find something or simply asked for advice. She even made reservations and scheduled an appointment with her personal hair stylist for me!

She leaves today for a month of vacation and to be honest, the thought of spending a week in Torino without Chiara seems so weird! So a HUGE thanks goes out Chiara for spending so much time with The Remote Experience and becoming a great friend! You’ve set the bar pretty darn high for our Barcelona ambassador.

Can’t wait for you to visit us in Prague!

Chiara 1

If anyone is visiting Torino or the Piedmont region, let me know – I know the world’s best tour guide!


One thought on “Grazie Mille Chiara!

  1. Oh my god Emily!! You are too nice!!
    I am not so good like you in writing but I can tell you that for me was a total spontaneous pleasure spending time with you and sharing with you my life in Turin.
    With your smile and your “YES, LET’S DO IT” attitude, it has been everything so easy and natural…
    Emily, let’s do a running race? YES
    Emily, let’s try a restaurant with a surprise menu? YES
    Emily, let’s go to dance Club Music/ Italian Trash music (e.g. “su le mani”)/ lindy hop & Charleston? YES
    Emily, you can cut your hair in a place where they just talk in Italian..? YES
    How can you not become a friend with Emily from Riverside? ❤


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