Ciao Torino, Hola Barcelona

I’m clearly a bit behind as I’ve actually been in Barcelona for two and a half weeks. But my month in Torino was so jammed packed that I couldn’t fit in all of my blog posts!

Going into my summer in Europe, I really knew very little about Torino; however, I was most excited about this month as I knew how much I loved Italy. I never could have imagined Torino would become my favorite city in this incredible country.

From the people to the food to the culture to the architecture to the endless activities it provides, Torino is a place I could easily see myself living. The city perfectly combines its long history with a modern lifestyle (with limited wireless availability being the one downfall).

So while it’s ciao for now, I will most definitely be back to this wonderful city!

Goodbye Turin

And as is the case with this trip, goodbye to one city is hello to another. Barcelona is much bigger than Torino or Split; it’s more like living in NYC rather than a quiet beach or university town. And surprisingly, this has required me to dig a bit deeper into the city, find the quaint streets, the activities that appeal to me more than the main tourist attractions. While I haven’t clicked with Barcelona as immediately as I have the other cities, I haven’t given up on it. I figure there’s a reason everyone’s immediate reaction to hearing that I’m going to Barcelona is “I love it there”, and I’m bound and determined to figure it out.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ve seen around Barcelona so far.

Move to barcelona 5Move to Barcelona 1

La Catedral – Gothic church a block from my apartment

Move to Barcelona 2

Arc de Triomf in Parc Ciutadella

Move to Barcelona 4

Cascada Fountain in Parc Ciutadella

Move to Barcelona 3

View from the top of the Cascada Fountain

Move to Barcelona 6

La Rambla 

Move to Barcelona 8

Casa Battló – one of the Gaudi houses

Move to Barcelona 9

Port Olimpic near Barceloneta Beach

Move to Barcelona 11Move to Barcelona 7


One thought on “Ciao Torino, Hola Barcelona

  1. I loved the Rambla, but mind your wallet 🙂 I was enchanted with Gaudi’s influence in the city. Also the Picasso museum! And the wine!


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