MOB: Makers of Barcelona

Like everything else in Barcelona, our office space, MOB: Makers of Barcelona, is much bigger than in Split or Torino. There are a lot of people that work here regularly as well as drop-ins and lots of different areas in which to work. We’re supposed to work downstairs…

Barcelona Office 4Barcelona Office 5

…but I don’t love the basement and it smells a bit musty, so I prefer to sit upstairs.

Barcelona Office 3

The front of the office is actually a café and 3D printer.

Barcelona Office 2Barcelona Office 1

They’ve been on summer holiday since our first week here, but I’ve heard they actually have great food. They come back next week so I’ll be stopping in for lunch. Our apartment is so bright, I tend to actually work from there more than going into the office. But a good sandwich and delicious Nomad Coffee is enough of a draw for me to head in.

Side note: Nomad Coffee is around the corner from our apartment and they brew a mean roast! I stopped in and tried a nitro cold brew. I’ve never had cold brew nor have I ever had nitro coffee, but it was incredible; a perfect pick-me up on a hot, August day in Barcelona.


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