Gaudí’s Park Güell

Anyone that’s been to Barcelona knows that Antoni Gaudí’s influence is visible across the city. And for anyone that hasn’t been to Barcelona, Antoni Gaudí’s influence is visible across the city.

Gadudí was kind of an odd bird, but he was a pretty incredible architect. And he’s left many amazingly unique buildings around Barcelona as part of his legacy: Sagrada Família…

Guell 18'

…Casa Battló…

Guell 17

…Casa Milà…

Guell 15

…this random fountain…

Guell 16

…and the light posts in Plaça Reial.

Guell 13

Apparently, at the turn of the century, a lot of people didn’t really like his style, which makes sense as he is definitely a modernist and these did NOT go with the rest of the architecture of the time or area. Little known fact about Gaudí: he was killed at 76 after being hit by a tram. He liked dressing up as a pauper so when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors and nurses didn’t recognize him and he wasn’t given adequate care.

My first foray into Gaudí’s work was Park Güell. This was a planned housing community commissioned by Eusebi Güell who assigned the design to Gaudí. They had planned to build 60 houses on a hill overlooking the city, including a community park to enjoy the fresh air. Gaudí made it through the entrance to the community and part of the park and another architect erected exactly two houses, before the project was deemed a failure.

It has since become a municipal garden and it feels like you’ve stepped into a cross between a Dr. Seuss book and Candyland.

Guell 2

One of the entrance gates built by Gaudí.

Guell 9Guell 8Guell 7

Part of Gaudí’s park.

Guell 3Guell 4

The entrance gates to the park.

Guell 6

I love all of the mosaic tiles.

Guell 10

This actually felt more Flinstones than Candyland or Dr. Seuss. 

Guell 12

Sarah, Jillian and I enjoying Park Güell.

Guell 5Guell 1

We also looked through the Gaudí House Museum which is located in the house Gaudí lived in for several years before his death.

Guell 11

It was interesting to learn a bit more about Gaudí as a person and some of his design techniques.

Overall, I really like Gaudí’s style. It’s playful, bright, different and has so much attention to detail.


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