Running Across Europe: Barcelona Edition

Since running in Europe offers such beautiful views and an easy way to see each new city, I’ve continued the tradition in Barcelona. That and I really like to drink Bodega wine and I’m trying to avoid such a drastic “abroad bod” this time around.

My first run was through Parc de la Ciutadella.

Barcelona running 3

I started at 9:30am. Mistake #1. It was already oppressively hot and insanely humid. While the locals of Barcelona were still sleeping, the tourists were not. So I had to dodge a bunch of people. I had walked by the park the day before and figured it was a great place to go for a run. Mistake #2. It was really small and part of it was closed for construction. So I basically had to run up, down and around the same path multiple times. Borrrrrrring.

For my second run, I got smarter. I ran by the beach and started a little earlier. It was much more enjoyable.

Barcelon running 5

My third run was even better because it was overcast.

Barcelona running 8

And my last run, I decided to get up super early and enjoy the sunrise at the beach. Luckily, the sun rises at 7:12am so in reality, it wasn’t that early. But I have definitely switched to the Spanish schedule so my alarm might as well have gone off at 3:30am. But this view definitely made it worthwhile.

Barcelona running 1Barcelona running 4Barcelona running 2Barcelona running 6Barcelona running 7


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