Classing It Up At La Pedrera

Somewhere we found out that you can listen to a jazz concert on the rooftop of the Gaudí house, Casa Milà, aka La Pedrera.

Jillian’s boyfriend, Jon, visited in Barcelona and they were nice enough to let me tag along as a third wheel on his first night in town. So Jillian, Jon and I had a lovely sunset date at the Gaudí house!

Our ticket offered free entrance during the afternoon, so on my “lunch break”, I headed over to check it out. Gaudí was commissioned to build Casa Milà in 1906 by Pere Milà to be the home for he and his wife. It was later split into two houses, and then several apartments. It’s built on Passeig de Gracià, one of the wealthiest streets in Spain. As the house came together, people were not pleased with the aesthetics and nicknamed it La Pedrera, meaning “stone quarry” in Spanish.

Mila 7

The courtyard of the apartment was really impressive and distinctively Gaudí.

Mila 1Mila 8

Mila 22

People actually still live in many of the apartments and the first two floors are occupied by shops and offices.

Visitors are able to tour the roof, attic and a top floor apartment outfitted as it would have been back in the 1920s.

Mila 12

The roof is really cool.

Mila 17Mila 21

Gaudí didn’t want any of the normal roofing elements to be visible; he wanted everything to be aesthetically pleasing. So these are chimneys and air conditioner vents and elevator shafts.

Mila 20Mila 18

This arch offers a perfect view of the Sagrada Família, another Gaudí building.

Mila 16

And this one, a view of Mount Tibidabo, the highest point in Barcelona.

Mila 15

Rumor has it that George Lucas visited La Pedrera and liked the chimney covers so much, he modeled the Storm Trooper’s helmets off the design.

Mila 19

The attic wasn’t anything spectacular, it just showed Gaudí’s architectural process. Although there was one part that showed how his furniture and handles were molded for practicality based on how they would be used.

Mila 13Mila 10Mila 11

Later that night, I met Jon and Jillian back at La Pedrera for the jazz concert. As we enjoyed a glass of cava, we walked around the rooftop as the sun was setting. It was an absolutely gorgeous view.

Mila 5Mila 4

The band was really good and, ironically, from America. It was fun to listen to and the backdrop couldn’t have been prettier.

Mila 2

Thanks Jon and Jillian for including me on your date!


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