Home Sweet Home (for September)

When I studied abroad, I lived in Prague 3, also known as the Žižkov neighborhood. It was a working class area and was definitely built up during the Communist area. This time around, I’m living in Prague 10, the Vršovice neighborhood, and it’s worlds better than Žižkov. The buildings are all 150+ years old, have tons of character and are brightly painted.


There are tons of people walking around, an awesome park right across the street…


…filled with kids riding scooters, and plenty of grocery stores, shops, restaurants and bars all within a few blocks.

Although I love my neighborhood, I’m the only one living in the area. Everyone else, along with our coworking space, is a little more than half a mile away. Which would be fine, except it’s straight up a gigantic hill! Although this is mosaic wall keeps me company for a block.


As Mikela said, it looks like “Aaahh, Real Monsters”, the 90s Nickelodeon show.

My apartment itself is fine. It’s definitely the worst of my four, but it’s livable.


Those closets are the best part!


My bathroom is TINY but the shower is bigger than every other apartment, and the water pressure is incredible. Please also note the rope flusher in the top left.


It feels a little like it’s been cobbled together, like maybe it wasn’t a separate apartment originally. There is also no place to sit other than the kitchen table or my bed. But the weirdest part is the complete lack of decoration. I have 15-foot ceilings and the bedroom and kitchen are both fairly large so with minimal furniture and nothing on the walls, it’s all lot of white space.

Oh, I also have a kitchen loft.


Yep, a random bed overlooking the kitchen. Looking at this beautiful white wall.


Since I’m living by myself this month and my apartment isn’t the most comfortable, I pretty much leave in the morning with all of my stuff and don’t return until it’s time for bed.

Although I have the worst apartment of our group, I lucked out with my landlord, Martin. He and his fiancé live on the floor above me and invited me to dinner one of my first nights in Prague. His family actually owns the building, having built it 150 years ago. After WWII, the Russians confiscated the building and returned it to his family 4o years later, although it was in disrepair. They fixed it up and now the building is a family affair: he and Mischa live on the 3rd floor, his sister and her boyfriend live in the apartment next to them, they rent out the apartment on the 2nd floor (mine) and Mischa’s sister lives on the 4th floor.


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