Co-working, Prague Style

I think our “office” in Prague is my favorite of the four. It’s a 15-minute walk from my apartment, although it’s straight up a nasty hill. We’re at Locus Workspace-Vinohrady, a fairly large shared space with several different levels. On average, there are about 25 people working at the office throughout the day, but there’s plenty of desk space and the way it’s laid out, it never feels too crowded.


We’re on the 4th floor and while waiting for the elevator, you can admire the Žižkov TV tower…


…or this beautiful sunset.

I had a few late nights of working this month but I never wanted to be the last one at the office…talk about creepy! One night, when Ciara got up to leave, I figured I’d leave with her and just finish up my night at my apartment. We turned off the lights and headed to wait for the elevator. A few moments later, a man came through the doors to turn the power back on; we didn’t realize someone was still there and the poor guy had to find his way downstairs and through the office in the complete dark to come turn the lights back on. Sorry sir!


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