Su Le Mani: Hands Up For Our Favorite Italians! (Part II)

All of the walking around Old Town, the Prague Castle and Petřín Hill made us thirsty, so we clearly had to refuel with some delicious Czech beer.


But with a view like this, how could we not!?


We met back up with Jillian for dinner at Lokál Dlouhááá, a Czech beer hall reminiscent of a Communist restaurant, serving higher end Czech food, which normally isn’t very tasty, but Lokál does a great job.


Apparently, during the Communist regime, there was a national cookbook and all restaurants served the same thing…made from the same recipes. So it didn’t matter if you went to the restaurant next door to your apartment, the restaurant across the street from your office or a restaurant in the city center, you would receive the exact same meal at every single place.

Luckily our dining experience was a bit more exciting. And made more entertaining by the 20+ men standing on the tables singing drinking songs. At one point, they were actually marching through the restaurant singing to everyone.

After dinner, we walked up to Letná Park, but got there as they were closing the beer garden. Literally, they closed the windows of the beer stand in our faces. We contemplated crashing the wedding taking place but decided they might not like the Italian and American additions. We were at least rewarded with a beautiful night view of the city.


We made our way back across the river…


…and grabbed a night cap while playing Heads Up. Talk about impressive, Chiara and Niccolò were playing in their second language!

We walked over 32,000 steps exploring Prague our first day; that equates to 14.5 miles! My only other 30k+ step day to-date was also with Chiara and Niccolò, when we ran our 7k in Torino. Good thing we all like to walk!

Day two of our weekend adventure started with meeting Jillian back at Café Jen for breakfast. We were quick learners and ordered a flat white right off the bat to avoid the same coffee-confusion. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were able to snag a table on their deck to enjoy the weather.

After breakfast, we decided we hadn’t walked enough the day before, so we walked over to the Jewish Quarter in the city center. Along the way, we passed Vysoká Škola Ekonomická v Praha, my old school from when I studied abroad.


It was a pleasant 3-mile walk, taking us through some neighborhoods…


…across Riegrovy Sady park, by the Municipal House…


…and the Powder Tower.


And once we arrived, we had to see Kafka’s statue after our literary lesson yesterday!


Chiara shares my same love of apple strudel so they couldn’t leave Prague without sampling some of the local fare. Luckily, Four Square came to the rescue and we found a delicious, old Czech pub tucked back on a quiet street just off the Jewish Quarter that served amazing apple strudel. We enjoyed a lunch appetizer of strudel and beer sitting outside, soaking in the gorgeous late-summer weather.


We finished off Chiara and Niccolò’s weekend Prague trip by meeting up with Catherine, Sarah and our Prague ambassador, Westley, at The Tavern for some traditional American burgers, which were surprisingly good and authentic.

Chiara and Niccolò’s trip was so much fun! I love that I got to meet so many incredible people this summer from different places and backgrounds. By the time they were at the airport, the four of us were already planning where in the world our next reunion would be.

Thank you Chiara and Niccolò for visiting in Prague, I had the best time! I can’t wait for our next trip!


2 thoughts on “Su Le Mani: Hands Up For Our Favorite Italians! (Part II)

  1. EK — thanks for writing about eatwith — we are headed to Paris between the holidays and have set up dinner in Paris on the 30th of December. Hanging on to your coat tails, here in Chicago.


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