I Love Ferrero Chocolate

I’m officially hooked on Ferrero chocolate products. Chiara works at Ferrero and introduced me to many different kinds – I’m basically a Ferrero connoisseur. To be honest, I should probably be embarrassed by how many different varieties I tried and the quantity I consumed in my month in Italy. But they’re so delicious, I’m not in the least.

My two favorites are Choco Fresh (chocolate hippos with a creamy milk and hazelnut filling) and Duplo bars (chocolate wafers filled with chocolate and a whole hazelnut). Sadly, both are not common outside of Italy. However, I was in the big Tesco in Prague’s city center one day and I found a stash of Duplo bars!!! I was literally ecstatic. I grabbed four along with two KitKats, which we’re all pretty sure has a different recipe for the European version.


Considering all I was purchasing were six candy bars, I opted for self-checkout to avoid full-blown fat-kid status. Unfortunately, my chipped credit card requires a signature vs. a pin and I had forgotten that I already broke one of Tesco’s self-checkouts earlier in the month. It happened again and an employee had to come over to try and fix it. She asked me to re-scan all six of my candy bars while watching to make sure it went through; I could feel the judgment in her eyes. The machine still didn’t work – lovely. I tried explaining I could just pay with what little cash I had left (trying to successfully plan exact cash usage at the end of each country to avoid additional ATM fees by pulling out more money is a fine art form), but the language barrier was strong and she wasn’t going for it. She then had to go find her store manager, who required me to scan all six of my candy bars again, now with double the judgmental eyes. Despite the fact that neither woman spoke much English, I told them that it was my last day in Prague and I couldn’t get these candy bars in the US. I’m telling myself that they fully understood, and even encouraged my chocolate addiction. After a solid 15-minutes, I successfully purchased my chocolate stash and was on my way.

The Duplo bars and KitKats were MORE than worth the embarrassment. I was even nice enough to share one of my precious Duplo bars with my parents when I got home to California. I hope they both realize what a sacrifice that was!

(Note: This post is a bit premature since I haven’t finished posting about the rest of Prague. But since I just finished my last Euro KitKat yesterday, I felt compelled to share my love of Ferrero products and European chocolate in general. If anyone is going to Europe in the near future, please feel free to bring me back chocolate souvenirs.) 


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