Mikela and Em Do Prague, Round 2 – Part I

After an eventful train ride, Mikela and I were surprisingly well-rested when we arrived to Prague. But considering our train pulled into the station before the sun was up, we decided to take an early morning nap before heading out for a full day of exploring Prague.

We started with brunch at Martin’s Bistro, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It’s near our office which means we got to hike up the gigantic hill but it felt good to get a bit of exercise after our cramped train compartment. We then made our way to Old Town Square to marvel at its beauty.


As I mentioned before, Mikela came to visit me 10 years ago when we studied abroad. Similar to how different Kraków felt between a grey and sunny day, Prague feels equally different between summer and winter.

I realize this is a repeat picture but it’s so fitting

When Chiara, Niccolò, Jillian and I climbed the Astronomical Clock tower, we saw a rooftop on the Hotel U Prince so Mikela and I decided to check it out to enjoy some nice views and rejuvenate.


We meandered through the cobblestoned streets of Old Town over to Charles Bridge. We passed Good Food Coffee and Bakery so we had to stop for a trdelnik.


I opted for chocolate and whipped cream this time around. While the ice cream filled version that I had previously was delicious, I felt rather sick afterwards.

We enjoyed our trdelniks on the Charles Bridge with this gorgeous view.


As you can probably tell from the picture, trdelniks aren’t exactly easy to eat. Somehow Mikela managed to cleanly eat hers, but I struggled big time. A nice guy came up to ask us if we’d mind taking his picture. And by “us”, I mean Mikela. I was busy attempting to (unsuccessfully) lick chocolate off the bottom of my trdelnik before it dripped onto my hands, which meant my face was covered in whipped cream and I somehow managed to have caked on chocolate all over my chin and cheek. I was a supreme mess. I’m fairly certain this guy looked at us and decided he’d ask Mikela to take his picture, he didn’t want the grown woman who ate like a 2-year-old anywhere near his camera.

After cleaning myself up with the purell Mikela had in her purse, we continued on.


In just a week, the John Lennon wall had already drastically changed from when I visited with Chiara and Niccolò.


Turns out a patterned dress isn’t the best option when posing in front of the John Lennon Wall

We pretended we were trolls sipping delicious Czech beer under a bridge…


…then continued our leisurely walk around the castle. We stumbled upon this beautiful viewpoint overlooking the castle vineyards.


A slightly awkward picture, but the view was just gorgeous.


Unfortunately, by the time we got to St Vitus Cathedral, it was already closed for the day. However, that meant there were no crowds and we could walk around and enjoy its stunning beauty.


It’s absolutely HUGE and so intricately decorated. While the first church built on this site was constructed in the year 930 (what!?), the current cathedral was built in 1344. The details are stunning…


…the mosaics beautiful…


…and when the sun hits the golden highlights, it literally lights up.


This video captures it a bit better.

Since we were at the top of the hill, we had hoped to catch the sunset.


But the city is east of the castle and the castle walls are too high to see over, so we headed back across the bridge and watched the sunset from a floating restaurant.



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