Mikela and Em Do Prague, Round 2 – Part II

Mikela, Jillian and I are all suckers for history tours and walking so when we found out about a free walking tour around Prague, we obviously had to partake. We met a hundred other tourists in Old Town Square and were quickly sectioned off into groups to start our walk.


Our tour guide was an eccentric Australian theater major who apparently didn’t make it on stage and instead brought his talents to Sandemans New Europe Free Walking Tours, describing Prague and Czech history to American tourists. He started off ok, but any question that was asked kind of threw him off and he’d quickly revert back to his pre-determined script. He also had some major issues pronouncing Czech names, which I don’t exactly blame him considering he had to remember names like Bohuslav Hasišteinský of Lobkovice and František Ladislay Čelakovský, but this was technically his profession and livelihood.

So despite the fact that we couldn’t ask questions and there’s a good chance every Czech name was horrible butchered, it was an ok tour. I already knew a lot of what he talked about but it was interesting to learn about Prague during World War II and it was a beautiful day to walk around seeing the main sights.


At the end of our tour, our less-than-stellar guide informed us that it was his second day on the job…which explained a whole lot.

Jillian left to work for the day (I had taken the week off) and Mikela and I walked to the top of the Astronomical Clock, since we hadn’t the day before. Although it was my second time up in a week, it didn’t disappoint. To be honest, I could probably go up every day and never get sick of the view.


All of our walking and touring around built up our appetites and we dined on some traditional Czech cuisine. Now, Czech cuisine is not really something to write home about. But we discovered Lokál Dlouhááá with Chiara and Niccolò and it’s the best version of Czech food I’ve found.


Here’s our incredible caramel glazed profiterole with caramel and vanilla cream…with the requisite beers.  

Mikela and I are both big walkers; it’s something we’ve done pretty much since we met: walking around Wash Park in Denver, walking along the lake in Chicago, one particularly memorable walk in St Louis with 100 degree heat and 100 percent humidity. I had told her that I had walked two 30,000 step days since being in Europe and we made it our goal to get in another one while she was visiting.

So to make sure we hit it, we decided to walk back from Old Town to the beer garden in Riegrovy Sady, where we were meeting back up with Jillian for dinner.


As we were walking up to the park, we saw something bright up in the sky.


We couldn’t figure out what it was until we were basically right under it…more to come on this in another post, but suffice it to say that it provided one of the most memorable experiences of my European summer!

Side note: this beer garden is incredible. It’s 50kc for a .5 liter of fresh Pilsner Urquell and 55kc for the most delicious brat I’ve ever tasted. Basically, an amazing meal for about $4.00.

I’m happy to report that we hit our goal of walking 30,000 steps, trekking almost 13.5 miles around Prague in one day.



2 thoughts on “Mikela and Em Do Prague, Round 2 – Part II

    1. My trusty Birkenstocks. They were so worn out by the end of the summer they didn’t make the trip back home with me, but I’ll definitely be replacing them once we’re done with this snow 🙂


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