Dinner In The Sky

Remember the bright thing Mikela and I saw in the sky in Riegrovy Sady park? It turned out to be a table suspended 50 meters in the sky from a gigantic crane.


When we realized what it was, we excitedly asked about it and found out they still had room for two the next evening for a sunset dinner. We immediately signed up and couldn’t wait for dinner the next day.

Upon arrival, they gave us a welcome drink as we waited for the “Cocktail In The Sky” crew to finish.


Cocktail hour finishing up before it was our turn.

We were then strapped in and on our way.


So, to explain a bit about Dinner In The Sky, it’s essentially that: a 24-person table hooked up to a crane that raises you up 165 feet into the sky, offering absolutely stunning views of the city, while enjoying a gourmet 3-course meal. The table is a rectangle with the chef and two servers standing in the middle preparing everything.

We were lucky enough to sit right by the chef and it was fun asking him about the whole experience. They were on a two-month tour around Europe, setting up reservations for a few days in several different cities before packing up and moving onto the next place. They were only in Prague for four days so it was pure luck that we stumbled upon it.

We were quickly raised up (it only takes about a minute to get up) and couldn’t believe the views.


Your feet dangle…


…and the seats actually swivel so you can see a 360-degree view around you. I’m not a huge fan of heights, so it took me a few minutes to acclimate…


My feelings at the beginning.

But I quickly got used to it and I was able to turn around to enjoy everything.

Here’s a quick video that helps show exactly what we were experiencing up there.

Surprisingly, the food matched the views: absolutely amazing. Our first course was shrimp salad, which they nicely changed to falafel salad for me. Next up was surf and turf (just turf for me) followed by an amazing tiramisu for dessert. All of this was accompanied by continuous pours of delicious wine.


Half way through dinner, they turned the whole table around so that we could all enjoy every angle of the view.


I cannot even begin to describe how cool the whole thing was. It’s definitely a wonderful experience we’ll both remember forever. As I mentioned in a previous post, this might be the most memorable thing I did my entire summer. Dinner In The Sky continuously tours around so if you’re ever in a place that’s offering it, I’d HIGHLY recommend experiencing.

We understandably took a ton of pictures, so here’s a few more in my attempt to show how incredible it was.



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