Karlovy Vary Beer Bath

That’s right, we booked a beer bath for our spa treatment in Karlovy Vary! The website touted a wide variety of health benefits so after our less-than-stellar tour of Karlovy Vary, Jillian, Mikela and I were excited to check this out…although not 100% sure what to expect.


We walked down a stone hallway into a basement with an old woman sitting at a desk. It smelled wonderful, of freshly baked beer bread. She showed us into the “spa” room and proceeded to lock us in for our hour long spa treatment.

We looked around and all burst into laughter.


On one side of the stone basement, there were two specially made keg-hot tubs filled with beer for us to relax in.


On the other side was a gigantic, king size straw bed, to let the hops and beer soak into our skin after our dip.


Between bouts of hysterical laughter, we stepped into the hot tubs of beer and filled our pints from the tap.



It was a little gross as the water/beer was murky and there were hops and yeast floating all around, but it made our skin really soft. After we had sufficiently soaked in beer, we sat on the straw bed, where we continued laughing hysterically at the entire experience.


The beer bath really perked up our trip to Karlovy Vary; it totally made up for the awful tour. Weird? Absolutely. Funny? I haven’t laughed that hard since Mikela and I dropped cookie crumbs into a poor women’s cleavage. Would I do it again? Probably.

Since the three of us stayed in Karlovy Vary for our beer bath, we had to take the train back to Prague rather than our oh-so-wonderful bus. We walked through the less touristy part of town to get to the train station.


Although just a calendar in Karlovy Vary, it was an especially poignant tribute to such a heavy day for Americans.

The train station was under construction so we had to buy our tickets in a double-wide through some major sign language and pointing as they didn’t know any English. But their old train station provided this amazing sign from yesteryear.


We aren’t completely sure why, but we kept getting kicked out of our train compartment. Our third choice finally held and we laughed our way back to Prague.

What started as a pretty boring, horrible day turned into a great one that provided tons of laughs.


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