John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is somewhat of a secret gem in Prague. While lots of people stop by, it’s not nearly as crowded as every other tourist place in the city. Tucked down below the Charles Bridge on the castle side of the river, the wall started in the 1980s by teenagers rebelling against the Communist regime.


People constantly paint and write their names, quotes, drawings and other inspiring artwork on the wall. Although I’m not completely sure why it’s called the John Lennon Wall other than it’s a symbol of love and peace. What I do know is that it’s constantly changing because people are literally adding to it every day.


When my Mom and I stopped by when I studied abroad, it quickly became one of my favorite places in Prague.


Jillian and I stopped by one of our first days in the city.



I took Chiara and Niccolò to see it.


And I made sure to show it to Mikela.


And every time, the wall had changed and I loved finding new quotes and pictures.



One thought on “John Lennon Wall

  1. fantastic shot of your Mom! Have enjoyed your blog immensely — even got reservations in Paris via A great experience (in winter, not on a rooftop like you!) Keep writing.


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