The Best Strudel in All of Prague – Susta Strudl

Strudel is a staple in Prague. Actually, I don’t know if that’s a true statement, I should probably just rephrase it to “I love strudel and ate it every chance I could get.” I had several strong contenders, but the best strudel was not at the fancy cafés…it was from a sketchy apartment window in Žižkov.

Let me back up. Before I studied abroad, I watched an episode of Samantha Brown: Passport to Europe that highlighted Prague. In it, she talked about the best apple strudel in the city. Ten years ago, all I could remember is that the strudel was served from a window, so needless to say, I never found it. However, my googling skills have improved over the years and luckily this time around, I tracked down the evasive strudel shop – Susta Strudl.

Jillian and I set out to find it one afternoon and walked from her apartment over to Žižkov, passing this mom and her daughter walking their ferret.


As we continued on, already a bit confused about the pet rodent we just passed, we were even more confounded when we walked up to the address and were outside a rather run-down apartment building.


We took a closer look and yep, there was the strudel shop, looking as sketchy as could be.


It sure didn’t look open and we finally deciphered the sign to realize that they closed from 12:00-1:00 every day. We had to wait 15 minutes or so, crossing our fingers that we could still get our strudel.

At 1:00 on the dot, the little white window ledge opened and we walked up. Inside, one man was in a tiny, dark basement apartment. It was very apparent right off the bat that the chef/server spoke no English so Jillian and I had to practice our limited Czech and use lots of sign language to order one cheese and one apple strudel.


He handed them over and they were HUGE!


Basically an apple-strudel-burrito that cost $1.90.

Since we were splitting the two strudels, Jillian asked for a fork and knife. That clearly didn’t translate well so she started miming cutting the strudel and putting a piece in her mouth. The chef/server proceeded to hand over…a plastic bag. Ooooookay. As Sheena said when I told her the story, “you definitely don’t want that guy on your charades team!”

We walked up the hill to the park and found some picnic benches, which turned out to be in a beer garden.


We obviously needed something to wash down our strudel so ordered a $0.90 Pilsner Urquell. The server also spoke no English and had to type in the 23kc beer price into his calculator to let us know how much to pay; it was a very authentically Czech afternoon.

Both the cheese and apple strudel were incredible…a mighty tasty lunch.


And please note the sheer size of the strudels.


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