European Farmer’s Markets

One thing I really miss about Europe (besides the food, and coffee, and culture, and people, and scenery, and so many other things) are all of the wonderful farmer’s markets. It feels like every few blocks there would be another neighborhood market with local’s selling colorful fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and freshly baked bread and pastries. I hate going to the grocery store, but grabbing a few things from the market down the street makes cooking so much easier and fresher.

When my Mom and I were in Modena, we walked through Mercato Albinelli, a huge daily market that’s been around since the early 1900s. The produce was so colorful it made you want to pick it up and eat it.

Farmers Market 19Farmers Market 20

My Mom pointed out that she bets it’s a lot easier to get kids to eat vegetables if they can help pick it out in an environment like this.

The other thing that blows my mind is how cheap all of the fresh produce and food is at these farmer’s markets. You could get half a loaf of fresh bread for the equivalent of $0.50. Or a pint of strawberries for $0.75. And the best part, you were supporting the local family businesses.

Right outside of our office in Prague was an incredible little market on the side of a park. It was always crowded with locals, getting lunch, grabbing a few things for dinner or just buying a beer and enjoying the sunshine.

Farmers Market 12

I spy Jillian.

Farmers Market 13Farmers Market 14

I can’t even keep track of how many farmer’s markets I went to throughout the summer, but I loved them all just the same.


Farmers Market 16Farmers Market 17Farmers Market 18Farmers Market 15


Farmers Market 11Farmers Market 10Farmers Market 9Farmers Market 8Farmers Market 7


Farmers Market 6Farmers Market 5Farmers Market 4Farmers Market 3Farmers Market 2Farmers Market 1


4 thoughts on “European Farmer’s Markets

  1. Why would anyone eat processed, or fast food when they have options like this….wait, I guess this is fast food! The colors are gorgeous and the food looks delicious!


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