Riegrovy Sady: Prague’s Best Sunset View

I don’t think one can ever get sick of the views in Prague. Whether you’re overlooking the city from near the castle…


…or up at the castle from the river…

Sunset 8

…or out from the Astronomical Clock…


…or suspended 50 meters in the air…


…it’s all just stunning.

Luckily for me, Prague saved one last beautiful sunset. The night before Jillian was heading back to the U.S., we ducked out of work a bit early to go watch the sunset at Reigrovy Sady park.

We had been to the park several times, but usually to frequent the beer garden. So when we found the famed sunset hill, we couldn’t believe the perfectly framed view of the castle. And as the sun set, the view kept getting more and more beautiful.

Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 4Sunset 5Sunset 6Sunset 7Sunset 3

Thank you, Prague, for continuing to stun me with your beauty.


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