Hidden Gardens of Prague

While wondering around Malá Strana one day, I stumbled upon not one, but two hidden gardens!

The first was Vojanovy Sady, a walled, grassy enclave in the middle of a fairly busy street.

Gardens 1Gardens 2

It was quite peaceful with very few people. Although several peacocks called this pretty, little park home.

Gardens 4Gardens 3

The second was Wallenstein Garden, the gardens outside of the Senate Palace, which I quickly realized wasn’t quite as “hidden” as the first. This one had beautiful geometric garden mazes outside an absolutely stunning Senate building.

Gardens 5Gardens 6Gardens 9

I actually lucked out as the Senate Palace happened to be open for a few hours and I was able to roam around inside. While I didn’t get any pictures, it was all very beautiful.

On my way out, I once again soaked in the gorgeous weather and scenery.

Gardens 8Gardens 7


One thought on “Hidden Gardens of Prague

  1. Loving all your Prague updates, Emily! Also stumbled upon the Wallenstein Gardens during our visit in ’12. Lucked out with a free concert and informative walk thru the Czech Resistance Movement exhibit. Pretty interesting ‘grotesque’ wall! Tried to get into the Polish Embassy gardens as well but no luck 😜


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